Armarse la marimorena

Meaning: Get into a big fight

When to use: When you feel that a quarrel or fight is about to begin

Where is coming from: The tavern of the Cava Baja (Madrid – 16th century) was run by the couple Alonso de Zayas and his wife María Morena. It is not clear if “Morena” was the surname or a nickname because of the color of her black hair. She was famous for a judicial process that was opened against her after refusing to serve her  best wine to a group of soldiers.

After her firm refusal, a fight began in the tavern and from what the writings of the time say, it was the tavern owner Mari Morena who delivered the most hits. She was a woman who did not shy away from making a mess of those customers who wanted to leave without paying or drinking more than necessary.

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